User Authorization


Registered users on your system; can only see the facilities that you determine. You can set authorize level of users that it can see only faults or inverter situations.


Authorization is set by Solar Relax admins. When you want to add a new user to your facility, you can request by contacting Solar Relax admins or via the Solar Relax demo form or online chat support.


Thanks to the Solar Relax user authorization feature, only authorized users can access information about your facility. There are 4 user type levels: Administrator, Responsible, User and Technical. You can request that the user can be authorized with the given authorizations, which screens they can access, can control the incoming faults and are informed at the time of the fault. You can prevent users from seeing the total production of the facility or the financial value of the production.


It is possible to make more than one type of user authorization. The persons you authorize can execute automatic fault records, error records, fault records and cleaning records, as well as upload the invoiced production reports to the system.


Thanks to this feature, it is easier to distribute tasks among your facility employees. It eases the workload of their managers and it becomes easier for them to know what they are doing. It is displayed on the screens made by whom in the transactions.

Solar Tracking System User Authorization