Instant Failure Notification


Thanks to the Solar Relax malfunction notification, you are immediately informed of malfunctions in your facility. Solar Relax monitors your solar energy facility for you and notifies you of any faults via SMS and E-Mail. You can customize your GES failure notifications according to the type of device you want and device. With Solar Relax, you can see at a glance whether there is a malfunction in your facility and how much production your facility produces.


The malfunctions received create a record on the system. Inverter failures that occur in your facility are automatically recorded by Solar Relax. You can access them at any time. By entering the faults outside the inverter manually, you can determine whether the fault is remedied or not, and you can follow the maintenance and cleaning records in your facility by keeping it on Solar Relax. The data of these records are processed and transformed into tables and graphs that will help you learn the number of errors, error duration and approximate production loss of your solar power plant in the malfunctioning process.


You can find out in detail with the error code of the device that malfunctioned from the faulty devices page, when it got an error and why it got an error. When errors are corrected, the system automatically renews. But if you want, you can intervene in your fault records yourself. These malfunctions are automatically logged to the system.


From the fault records page, you can list all of your resolved, unresolved or fault records. It can search between records. You can create a fault record yourself. In the fault records you will create, you must fill in the device name, date, fault, fault description, solution, error degree and expense fields. When the fault you created is solved, you can edit the fault and mark it as error resolved. It can also be displayed who created the malfunctions.


By analyzing these errors, the time you lose, the number of notifications sent for the errors, the total number of failures and your production loss are calculated. You can find this information on the error analysis page.

Solar Energy Instant Failure Notification

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