As Solar Relax, we develop special solutions for solar energy systems and solar energy systems. Thanks to Solar Relax, tracking and analysis of your solar energy testicles is now much easier.

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  • Solar Relax is a Solar Energy Facility Tracking Application where you can monitor your solar power plant instantly from anywhere, instantly if you have a malfunction or production abnormality in your facility.
  • SolarRelax works over the internet and it does not need an extra log device.
  • With automatic inverter search and easy operation, you can start using SolarRelax immediately.
  • No additional fee for notifications, SMS and E-mails sent by SolarRelax
  • Being able to get information from sensors such as radiation sensor, temperature sensor, compare and report the information coming from these sensors and plant production.
  • Dashboard that can be used as a full screen on large monitors and televisions, and dashboards that can be customized as required.
  • Quick solution to the problems you encounter with remote support.

What Can Solar Relax Do

Thanks to Solar Relax, your facility is much more comfortable! Take a look at the reporting, fault reporting, logging and security features of Solar Relax.

Instant Tracking

You can monitor your facility online instantly without delay. You can be instantly informed about possible situations.

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Reporting Analysis

At the end of the day or month of the system, you can request your production reports as Size SMS or E-Mail.

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Instant Failure Notification

Solar Relax constantly monitors your facility for you and notifies you of any faults via SMS and E-Mail.

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User Authorization

You can authorize the users in the facility as they can see the facilities you want, just see the inverter states or only malfunctions.

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Inverter Analysis

After the facilities are completed, all inverters are compared according to the strings and the device that produces less is reported to the person.

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Weather Information

With Solar Relax, you can see instant, daily, weekly weather information of your location. You can evaluate it together with the production situation.

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