Inverter Analysis


After completing the daily production of solar power plants, inverter analysis is performed according to the power and number of strings of all inverters in the facility. Thanks to the data obtained from the analysis results, your solar power plant reports such as daily, monthly and yearly are revealed. After comparing the inverters with other inverters, inverters producing less production are sent to the authorized person by e-mail.


You can also list your inverters and view your working and problematic inverters from the inverter status graph tab. You can list which inverter produces how much power as well as activate the "Error Alarm" feature from this screen to get an error alarm in case the inverters fail.


From the Defective Devices tab; You can list the malfunctioning inverters in your facility. You can also follow the name of the faulty inverters, the start of the fault, the fault code and the fault description on this screen.


You can also track inverters that receive errors. From the faulty records page, you can see the error received by the inverters of your facilities together with the description, error code, degree of error, inverter name, date and facility name. You can export these errors to Excel to take backups or keep them.


You can learn the power status of the inverters from the Production Analysis page according to the instantaneous operating status of the inverters by clicking the point you want to view on the daily production chart.


You can ask the system to send you the production reports as SMS or E-mail at the end of the day or month. In addition, the system will analyze the inverters in the facility and inform you of the inverters that produce less.

Solar Panel & Solar Inverter Fault Detection System

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