Instant Tracking


Requests your Solar Power Plant online with Solar Relax. Use your solar power plant's status, momentary power, working and malfunctioning inverter, i.e. your interver status, the 5-day weather of the facility's location, and the power you earned that day along with power.

You have planned your monthly criticisms by examining the reports prepared by Solar Relax for you. You can export it in Excel.

It is also possible to keep track of fixtures, safety and spare parts in your solar power plant. You can track all inventory at your facility using Solar Relax. You can follow the relics. You can keep it on Solar Relax. You can go to Solar Relax in the form of this usage report.


It requires a breakdown in your facility with Solar Relax and how much production your facility produces. In this way, you can manage your solar facility much more comfortably.


Possible situations that occur in your facility can be checked on the screen. The problem is the solution from the error codes quickly. Thanks to GES instantaneous monitoring, you can be instantly from any malfunctions in the facility. In any malfunction, the size is reported via SMS and mail.

Solar Power Plant Instant Tracking

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