Instant Tracking

With Solar Relax, you can instantly monitor your Solar Power Plant online, either from your computer or from your mobile device. You can find out the status of your Solar Energy Facility, instantly generated power, working and defective inverters, the 5-day weather condition of the location where the facility is located, and the earnings you gained that day.


It is also possible to keep track of fixtures, deposits and spare parts in your solar energy facility. You can track all the inventory in your facility using Solar Relax. You can record the fixtures of your facility and track your deposits. In addition, thanks to the spare parts tracking system, you can keep the invoices and quantities of spare parts purchased on Solar Relax. You can use these parts in the facility of your choice when necessary and see this usage in a report on Solar Relax.


With Solar Relax, you can see at a glance whether there is any malfunction in your facility and how much your facilities are producing. In this way, you can manage your solar energy facility much more easily.


It can check possible malfunctions in your facility on the screen. You can quickly solve the problem from the error codes. You can be instantly informed of the malfunctions occurring in the facility. In case of any malfunction, you will be informed via SMS and e-mail.

Solar Power Plant Instant Tracking

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