Reporting Analysis


Solar Relax does instant SPP monitoring as well as analysis of solar energy facilities. These analyzes; failure analysis, production analysis and production forecast analysis.


With the Error Analysis Panel, you can list the errors and losses in your facility on a chart or on a table by determining daily, monthly, annual, or even a specific date range if you wish. In this way, you can take a look at the time losts in inverter failures, sub-facility failures, facility failures, approximately the amount of production lost and the number of errors.


You can examine the production of your facilities with solar production analysis. All productions from the beginning of the production to the end of the production are recorded on the chart. You can review the inverter reports for any time you want, and access the power state graph of the inverters.


Using the Production Forecast (BETA), you can view the production forecasts based on weather conditions and time of day. With this feature, 9-day production, maximum power, temperature, cloudiness and day time are predicted and by processing these data, you can learn your daily maximum, minimum, total production and total earnings, and make plans according to these data.


You can request these analyzes to be sent via SMS or e-mail. In addition, Solar Relax will analyze the inverters in the facility and notify you by e-mail about the inverters that provide less production. These reports include the monthly production of the facilities, their monetary values ​​and the comparative production list of the facilities. If the user requests, it is sent to the user monthly by e-mail.

Solar Energy System Reporting Analysis

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